This is James

Another installment of the Invisible Ones of Washington, DC

not to be used without permission

I met James one morning last week as he was panhandling near Union Station. James was recently released from a Federal prison in Kentucky after serving ten years on a drug possession charge. James like many people was caught up in the “get tough on crime movement.” A small amount of weed but it was his third offense and the Judge said he had no choice but to follow the guidelines. So James did his ten years. He was released with the clothes he came to prison with, no money, no prospects and a bus ticket to DC where he hoped to find some long-lost family. Sadly, James finds himself on the street trying to make do with the money he gets from panhandling. He is amazed at how much DC has changed in ten years. Entire neighborhoods are gone along with the people who had lived there for decades. He says, “there’s a name for that shit, you know what I’m saying.” I do, I told James, it’s called gentrification.

James is a friendly and affable man who will do better than most on the street. He knows how to find services that will assist him with food and shelter when necessary. He hopes he can find something more stable before Winter comes because he says. “he’s not built for the cold and snow.” James agreed to participate in the Invisible Ones photo project in exchange for a monetary donation. If you see James or know someone like him, stop and take the time to say hello. Ask if you can help out in some way. The simple act of saying hello will make someone who feels invisible, feel less so. You’ll both be better off for having had that experience.

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