This is Christine

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC.

not to be used without permission
This is Christine

I met Christine outside of a coffee shop in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC. She was panhandling during the morning rush hour trying to get some money for breakfast. She agreed to this photograph in exchange for a cup of coffee and some food. Christine tells me she has been living on the streets off and on since 1992. She has been continually without shelter for the past two years, in spite of being on waiting lists in two local jurisdictions for a housing voucher. Her caseworkers tell her that the lists are very long. Like so many homeless women and men in DC living outdoors is preferable to the city-run shelters, which are seen as dangerous and unhealthy places. Christine says she often finds refuge in the entryway of a church nearby when the weather is bad, otherwise she sleeps outdoors anywhere where she feels safe. Christine is a friendly and affable woman who does well enough panhandling to feed herself and buy essential items. She is eternally optimistic that she will eventually find permanent supportive housing. She says, “I never give up hope. If I do that I’ll be finished.”

If you see or know someone like Christine, stop and say hello. Spend a few minutes making small talk. Help them out if you can. It may not seem like much to you, but for someone who feels invisible, it will make their day.

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