This is Susan


Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC.

not to be used without permission

I met Susan one morning last week near the Gallery Place METRO station. She had positioned herself near the exit and was greeting morning commuters with a cheery good morning and have a blessed day. She was not panhandling but would accept any assistance from anyone who stopped long enough to speak with her. I spoke with Susan about the invisible ones photography project and she gladly agreed to be photographed in exchange for a small monetary donation.

Susan has been living on the streets of Washington, DC without shelter for two years. Prior to that, she was living on the street in various cities in Maine. She has been homeless for at least ten years. Interestingly, she says the services for the homeless in Maine are far more humane than they are in DC, especially in the Winter. Thankfully, she says, Winter in DC is nothing like Maine. Susan is the sort of person who takes it upon herself to look out for others who are less fortunate and more vulnerable than her. She makes sure that certain people have enough to eat and extra blankets for when it is below freezing. As for herself, Susan hopes to get established with Pathways to Housing, DC and hopefully getting a permanent place to live. If that doesn’t happen, she will continue to make do living on the street and looking out for those less fortunate than herself.

If you see Susan on your way to or from work, stop for a moment and have a conversation. Even a few words are enough to convey to someone who feels invisible that they are still human. I guarantee that you’ll both be better off having had that experience.


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