You never know how much you’ll miss someone until they are gone.

not to be used without permission

I visited the National Portrait Gallery this weekend to see the portraits of the Obama’s that were recently installed along with all the other former Presidents. Thirty minutes before the gallery opened the line was around the block. This was not the first day of the unveiling but the following weekend. The crowds had to queue up once inside the building to be in a line to file past the portraits. The line was continuous for the hour that I was in the building. A security guard inside the gallery told me that the crowds have been like this since the portraits went on display last week.

In these depressing times it was heartening to see so many people coming to the gallery, standing in line, and just staring and smiling at two of the classiest people ever to inhabit the White House. That thought is what compelled me to make the small Photoshop edit to the photograph because Barack Obama was indeed every American’s President.


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