This is William

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

This is William This is William

I met William early one morning last week. He was sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a lamp post at 7th & F Streets, NW. This is a very busy tourist spot as tour buses stop here to unload sightseers at the Spy Museum. In spite of the throng of tourists, William was having no success panhandling. We spoke for a bit and I explained the Invisible Ones project to him. He was happy to participate in return for a small donation. The idea of being invisible even on a busy street seemed especially meaningful to him. William says he has been homeless for over ten years in DC. He sleeps on the streets avoiding the shelters. Like so many other homeless folks he finds them to be dirty and dangerous. At one time he had worked as a cook in a restaurant but now, without an address, it is impossible to find employment so he gets by depending on the charity of others. William is not an aggressive panhandler. If you engage him in conversation, you’ll find him to be friendly, articulate and having a sense of humor in spite of his circumstance. If you see William in this neighborhood, stop and have a conversation. Ask if you can help him out in someway. I promise you’ll both be better off for having had that experience.


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