This is Lamont

Another installment of The Invisible Ones of Washington, DC

This is Lamont This is Lamont

Lamont was panhandling near the World Bank Offices in Washington, DC. an interesting juxtaposition of wealth and power contrasted with a marginalized, homeless man.

Lamont has a neurological disorder of some kind that manifests itself by causing him to grimace involuntarily and slur his speech which is barely audible to begin with. I asked if he was or had been seeing a doctor for this condition. He just shook his head saying no. Lamont can’t recall when he last had a permanent home or where he was before coming to Washington, DC. This is more than likely a memory impairment and part of his overall physical disability.

Lamont is a distinctive looking man and pleasant enough if you take the time to speak with him but passersby are easily put off by his scruffy appearance and facial grimacing so he doesn’t do very well at panhandling. He gladly accepted my offer of a food voucher in exchange for this photograph. If you live, work or visit in this neighborhood and happen to spot Lamont, help him out if you can. He’s more invisible than most but he’s right in front of you if you bother to notice.

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