This is Crystal

Another installment of the “Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

This is Crystal This is Crystal

I met Crystal while she was panhandling outside of an upscale food market one recent morning. She tells me this is a good spot in that in addition to money, passersby often give her food. She says it’s important to get here early and be polite and friendly. On this early weekday morning, she has done both. Crystal is originally from Southern Virginia. She fled an abusive relationship there and eventually came to DC with a man who was also abusive. She left that arrangement only to find herself in another just as bad. Crystal is an articulate and insightful woman, who has a good understanding of the behavioral pattern she is caught in. Sadly, living on the street makes it difficult to access the kind of counseling that she needs. There is some hope. Crystal has learned that after six years on a housing waiting list she may soon have housing. She has heard that before and while she is not terribly optimistic, she says that she can’t give up hope. You may be wondering about the black eye. I asked her if she wanted to talk about that and she just flashed the smile you see in the photograph saying, no, not really.

Crystal agreed to participate in the Invisible Ones photo project in exchange for a monetary donation. If you know someone like Crystal that you pass by on your way to and from work, stop and have a conversation. Ask if you can help out in some way. I guarantee you’ll both feel better having had that experience.


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