This is Clyde

This is Clyde This is Clyde

Clyde is a homeless man who has been living on the streets of Washington, DC for at least ten years. He also suffers from a seizure disorder for which he takes a prescribed medication called Depakote which he proudly digs out of his belongings to show me. Clyde is a small, frail man who looks lost in his dirty, oversize parka. Since he sees a Dr. for his meds at a clinic I asked if he was also getting help finding shelter. He says sleeping on the street is safer for him and at least nobody will steal his medications. Interestingly his preferred night time spot is in the doorway of the Leica Camera store on F Street. An interesting intersection of very expensive camera gear and intractable poverty. One can only imagine how invisible Clyde becomes as he hunkers down in the doorway. Clyde say’s he always moves on before they open in the morning. Clyde agreed to this photo in exchange for a food voucher and a bottle of water. If you know Clyde or someone like him, ask what you might do to help out or just spend a few minutes having a conversation. I guarantee you’ll both be better off for having had that experience.

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