This is Jerry

This is Jerry This is Jerry

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

Jerry has been homeless and living on the streets of Washington, DC for almost three years. He had a series of job layoffs that made it increasingly hard for him to pay his rent until finally, he found himself both unemployed and without a place to live. Like many of the newly homeless men and women in DC he spent a period of time, staying with friends, “couch surfing” as it’s sometimes called. Eventually, these arrangements wore out and Jerry found himself trying to negotiate the hazards of the DC shelter system. He was quick to discover that sleeping outdoors was safer and preferable to being robbed. Jerry is one of those homeless people who in spite of circumstances that would beat down anyone’s spirit, remains amazingly upbeat and optimistic about the future. He points to our chance meeting on the street and his being a part of my photography project as evidence of his good fortune. I am always deeply moved by such encounters because they put into stark perspective how petty my everyday concerns and wants actually are. I compensated Jerry for his time and permission to make this photograph. If you know someone such as Jerry that you see on your way to work, consider stopping and spending a few minutes having a conversation. Ask if you can help out in some way and consider how doing something seemingly irrelevant may be enormously meaningful to someone else. Try it, you’ll be better for having the experience.


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