This is Rennie

Another installment of the Invisible Ones of Washington, DC

I saw Rennie just wandering the sidewalk near 2nd and K Streets, NE. Washington, DC. That part of K Street is an underpass with the railroad tracks running above providing a shelter of sorts for the homeless who sleep on the street. When I spotted Rennie he was gesturing at cars that were passing by for no apparent reason as he was not panhandling. Rennie is a 39 soon to be 40-year-old man who tells me he has been living on the street for almost two years. He also says that he too had an interest in photography back in high school but that fell by the wayside along with other things. Rennie is familiar with the shelter system in DC and at times does sleep indoors. He was cordial and polite and willing to exchange this photograph for a few dollars and a bottle of water.

This section of 2nd Street is a busy pedestrian thoroughfare crowded with office workers headed to work from near by homes and apartments. It is always sadly fascinating to watch how a homeless person can clear a path on the sidewalk as if they are radioactive. That’s what comes of being invisible. If you see Rennie or someone like him when you are out and about, stop and ask how they are doing or what you can do to help them out. I promise that you’ll both feel better having had that experience.

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