This is Omar

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC.

This is Omar
This is Omar

This is Omar, one of Washington, DC’s Invisible Ones. I met Omar while he was panhandling outside an upscale food market in the trendy NOMA neighborhood of Washington, DC. Omar tells me he’s been living on the streets for about one year. He had been living with his brother here in Washington, DC but the brother became quite ill and was placed in a Nursing facility. Omar could not maintain the apartment and ended up on the street. I asked where he slept at night and he pointed to an area near a construction site saying that it was at least safe there and he wouldn’t have the remainder of his possessions stolen which is what happened at the Federal City Shelter. Omar is an affable man who tries to engage passersby in a friendly, non-aggressive way. He is still ignored by almost everyone who passes him by as if he were invisible. Omar agreed to this photograph in exchange for a cup of coffee and some food. I you see Omar or someone like him, say hello and help them out if you can. You’ll both feel better about your day.

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