This is Anthony

This is Anthony
This is Anthony

Another installment of the “Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

I saw Anthony standing on the sidewalk underneath the H Street overpass on 1st Street, NE in Washington, DC. This is very near Union Station and a number of large office complexes so normally it’s a good place for panhandling. Sadly for Anthony he isn’t very good at it as he does not engage with passersby. Anthony is a 20 something young man who speaks in a very soft and subdued voice and has trouble formulating his thoughts and words. He says his mother kicked him out of the house about two years ago and he has been homeless ever since. He would not or could not tell me why that happened. Anthony may be developmentally disabled but it’s difficult to know as he won’t or can’t say very much about himself. He doesn’t like to sleep in the shelters as they are dangerous so he sleeps across the street, pointing to a pile of blankets and cardboard. I explained to Anthony about the “Invisible Ones” photo project and he said, “Invisible like a ghost, that’s me.” Anthony was agreeable to allowing me to photograph him in exchange for a food voucher.

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