This is Lynwood

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

Lynwood is a 30 something man who has been living on the streets of Washington, DC since he was released from Federal prison four years ago. He had served two years on an armed robbery conviction which he says was really just a bad drug deal. Lynwood says the good thing about the prison time was it got him clean from drugs. As best as I could tell he was not intoxicated or under the influence when I meet him near the Capitol South Metro Station where he was panhandling. Lynwood has no family in Washington, DC but does have relatives living in Maryland who want nothing to do with him. He guesses they just got tired of his bad behavior over the years. I asked Lynwood where he sleeps at night and he says if it’s not too cold he’ll sleep in the park or under a bridge and if the weather is bad he knows of a Church shelter in SE DC where it’s safe and supervised. He then uses some of his panhandling money to take the subway to Capitol Hill where he panhandles. He says that most of the time tourists will help him out but the government workers hardly even notice him.

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