This is another Tyrone

Another installment of “The Invisible Ones” of Washington, DC

What isn’t seen in this image is that Tyrone is on crutches and has a cast below the knee on his left leg. He recently broke his ankle while trying to climb into an abandoned building where he’s been sleeping. Tyrone is a commuting panhandler. What that means is he starts out early in the day riding the subway from suburban Maryland to Union Station where he says he can make more money because of the tourists and the large volume of foot traffic. At the end of the day he usually has enough money to get back to his sleeping space in Maryland, plus buy food and supplies. Tyrone says he’s been homeless for 17 years all of that time spent on the streets on the Washington, DC metro area. He says he has family in DC but they have long ago distanced themselves for reasons that he won’t go into. Tyrone does not appear in good health beyond his broken ankle. He says he suffers from aches and pains sustained from a beating he took at one of the shelters trying to protect another resident. This is primarily why he chooses to sleep in abandoned buildings or outdoors. Life will be harder than usual for Tyrone until he gets his cast removed. His spirit and optimistic attitude inspite of his circumstances are something to see.


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