This is Robert

I came across Robert near the Farragut North Metro station in Washington, DC during the height of the morning rush to work. This is a very busy commercial neighborhood populated by all manner of office buildings and professional workers. Inspite of this street traffic Robert had nothing in his panhandling cup. When I asked him about that he just shrugged saying, “it is what it is.” Robert has been on the streets of DC for about 15 years as best he can recall. He has no family and has not been involved with any social service organizations that he can recall. When I asked where he sleeps, he gestured to the park in Farragut Square where he stores his belongings during the day. Robert’s depression is palpable the longer you speak with him. When I asked if he had ever sought any mental health care for depression. He said only that the medication didn’t work and he wouldn’t go back. So sadly Robert is stuck with the dual burden of being seriously depressed as well as being invisible. A hard way to live. If you see Robert help him out, you’ll feel better and so will he, at least for awhile.

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