This is Morgan

This is Morgan
This is Morgan

Morgan is a homeless bilateral amputee in a wheelchair. I came across Morgan as he was panhandling near Union Station in Washington, DC. The area around Union Station is a popular place for the homeless to panhandle and a magnet of sorts for the homeless/mentally ill because of the close proximity to the Capitol buildings. Panhandlers who are affable and approachable tend to do well as it is a busy commuter station for the many government workers on the Hill.

Morgan is such a person. Amazingly upbeat and cheerful given his difficult circumstances, wishing passersby a good morning and God bless. Morgan agreed to this photograph in exchange for a few dollars and some conversation. I was happy to oblige.

As the harsh weather in Washington, DC begins to recede in favor of warmer days, there will be more and more homeless persons on the street. They are only invisible if you choose not to see them.


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