This is Darrell

To say Darrell has no fixed address would be an understatement. This Winter I have seen him around at least six Metro stations in Washington, DC and one in Alexandria, VA. Sadly Darrell has an untreated alcohol problem and is usually intoxicated even early in the morning. He says he has been in several detox programs but always goes back to drinking, especially when he is living on the streets for long periods of time as has been the case recently. Darrell wanted cash in exchange for this photo but I told him that in good conscience I could not subsidize his alcohol abuse. I bought him a large cup of coffee and a bagel instead for which he was grateful.

The harsh Winter and cold temperatures are particularly hard on chronic alcoholics and Darrell is no exception. Hopefully he won’t freeze to death somewhere in the city before this Winter is over.

Among the ranks of the Invisible Ones Darrell is certainly a card carrying member as he is totally ignored by all who pass him by.


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