This is Georgie.

I came across Georgie near the Farragut North Metro station. He was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a busy high rise office building at the height of the morning rush hour. To say that his behavior was odd would be an understatement. He was gesturing with his arms and fists in response to some internal conversation he was having. At first I thought he might be doing Tai Chi but as it turns out he was not and is most likely mentally ill. He was lucid enough to tell me his name and that he lived wherever he could find a meal and a blanket. He was willing to accept a food voucher in exchange for this photograph. I suggested to him that his physical gesturing may be hindering his ability to get passersby to donate anything as they may be afraid of him. His response to that advice was what you see in the photograph. I watched him for a bit from across the street and noticed that people would actually walk in the street to avoid any close proximity to him. Sadly, while Georgie certainly makes himself known to passersby, his humanity remains invisible to most everyone.


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