This is Rico

This is Rico
This is Rico

I came across Rico one recent cold, rainy day as I was walking along 18th Street near Farragut Square. He was huddled in a bus shelter, clothed in a large trash bag which he was using as a rain coat. A passerby had just given him a dollar which he was clutching in his hand. I asked if I could help in someway and he said he was trying to get enough money to get some food. He was willing to exchange this photograph for a food voucher which can be seen in the image. I was particularly struck by the irony of this hungry, homeless man standing in front of a larger than life Egg McMuffin advertisement. Rico says he is not well physically but won’t elaborate. He can’t say for sure how long he has been living on the streets but judging from his appearance and general condition, It would appear to be quite awhile. Rico is not an aggressive panhandler and relies on the goodwill of people who see him – a tenuous proposition if you are largely invisible as Rico clearly is.

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