This is Mary

Mary is a homeless,  mentally ill woman whom I have seen in several locations around Washington, DC, most recently near the GW Metro station in NW.  Mary is quite agitated and not easily engaged in conversation. She did stand still long enough when I offered her a food voucher and a bottle of water. The grimace on her face is a permanent condition caused by years of taking antipsychotic medications, her tongue also moves involuntarily making it difficult for her to speak. Mary could not or would talk about her living situation or if she was currently involved in any social service programs. Based upon her general appearance and deteriorated state of mind, I would guess not. Mary is too disorganized to panhandle so she simply roams around the city gravitating to the crowds at the subway stations. Hopefully Mary will survive the Winter or one of the outreach services will get her into a shelter. Until then Mary will be more invisible than most of the unfortunate souls living on the streets of Washington, DC.

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