This is Wesley

This Winter has been especially hard on the homeless men and women living on the streets of Washington, DC. The city government has been struggling to keep up with what appears to be a growing population. Wesley is homeless man who has been on the streets for about 10 years. He has a spot where he can be seen most every day during the morning commute. He positions himself at Washington Circle just outside the complex of buildings that make up the George Washington University Hospital complex. It is a good spot in that the street traffic is heavy and continuous for several hours in the morning. Wesley is not assertive about his panhandling, instead he sits passively and waits for a benefactor to stop by. When that happens he is conversational, pleasant and surprising upbeat given his stark surroundings. It is always sad to watch the large numbers of well dressed, busy people going into the hospital buildings who never give Wesley a second glance. He may as well be a light post because to most passersby he is invisible. 


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