This is Garcia

Garcia is a homeless man who lives on the streets of Washington, DC. He says he has been doing so for the past ten years. I came across Garcia sitting on a retaining wall outside of the National Postal Museum near Union Station. It was bitterly cold this particular morning yet Garcia was greeting passersby with a cheery good morning and wishing them a good day. Those people who chose to make a donation into his paper cup obviously knew him and and spent a few moments chatting. I sat down beside him on the wall and he offered me the pile of newsprint he was sitting on because the concrete was cold. He was agreeable to a photograph in exchange for a donation. Unlike some of the homeless Garcia is friendly, affable and has the ability to engage with his benefactors. This is a huge advantage given that the vast majority of people who pass by don’t even give him a glance even though he wishes everyone well. For those people Garcia remains among the Invisible Ones.


  • Garcia is my morning buddy, as he is for so many others. I stop daily to have a chat, and bring him fruit (anything but apples). His constant chatter is "good morning Ma’am (Sir), God bless you, have a nice day," "good morning, God bless you, have a nice day," and I have never once heard him ask for money. He is quite serious about being on the street to "give blessings to y’all," and in turn, often expresses how God takes care of him. He is a lovely, lovely man, and everyone should have the honor of knowing him.


    • JAH,

      Thanks for your commentary. I am always amazed at the boundless optimism of some of the homeless people that I meet in DC. It is inspirational to spend a few minutes getting to know these folks. I would highly recommend that anyone needing some perspective on their own troubles spend a few minutes with Garcia or the many others just like him.


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