This is Rachel

Rachel says she will have been homeless for 10 years in March of this year. When she explained that her living on the street had something to do with the Supreme Court it became clear that she was also most likely mentally ill. Rachel carries all of her belongings with her in two large canvas bags that she drags along. 

Rachel was not particularly interested in talking about her past or present circumstances beyond sharing her delusions about the Supreme Court. She was clearly more than a little suspicious about my motivations but she did consent to this photo in exchange for a cash contribution. One can only hope that Rachel will find shelter as the weather will turn markedly colder this week.

Rachel’s plight as a mentally ill homeless woman is all too common in our Nation’s Capital it was striking to watch her attempts to solicit donations just outside a busy Whole Foods store near the George Washington University Hospital as she was clearly ignored by the vast majority of commuters who passed her by without as much as a look, placing her well within the ranks of Washington DC’s Invisible Ones.

If you see someone like Rachel during this freezing cold spell or at anytime, do what you can to help. It will make you feel better, I guarantee it.

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