This is Evelyn

Evelyn is a homeless woman living on the streets of Washington, DC. for the past five years. Prior to that she lived in a boarding house but had to leave when she lost her job as a retail clerk. As if that is not difficult enough, Evelyn is also profoundly depressed. When I first spotted her she was panhandling but sitting well off of the sidewalk in the shadows. So even though the street was quite busy she had virtually no chance of attracting the attention of passersby. Evelyn says that she had seen a Dr. for depression a few years ago and was taking medication but it didn’t help so she gave up on that. She has no idea what she’ll be doing in the near future and cannot foresee much beyond the immediate problem of finding food and shelter. Life is very hard for someone like Evelyn and being invisible makes it harder. Keep that in mind if you see her or someone like her.


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